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Meet the Founder

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My name is Corey Jackson. I served 12 years in the United States Army in the Infantry. During my time in the Army, I saw many soldiers transition back to civilian life. Many of those soldiers seem lost and was confused on where to turn as they reentered the civilian world. The last few months of my contract, I found myself lost and suffering from depression as well. I knew that it was time for me to do something different, but was widely confused on my purpose. During the last several months of may contract, I also had several of my closest military brothers committed suicide. After dealing with so much loss, I found myself dealing with substance abuse issues. It was only by the grace of god and the determination of my strong support system that I was able to overcome all the obstacles that I was faced with. These chain of events awaken a desire in me to prevent other soldiers from feeling the uncertainty that my friends and I felt. I wanted to create an organization that could provide guidance to all veterans to help them obtain jobs, housing, and mental health services. Out of this desire, Veterans Elite Transitions was born. This organization was created to make sure that all veterans are equipped with the necessary tools that will help them succeed long after they end their military careers. My team is composed mix of  veterans and civilians from all walks of life that offer a variety of skills that I believe will be vital in helping all  veterans succeed. With the support of my team and beautiful family, we will change lives.   


Meet The Team


Our team is composed of a mix between veterans and civilians from all walks of life that offer a variety of skills that we believe will be vital in helping all  veterans succeed.

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