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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The voyage of a million miles begin with one step, and a lot of B!+@hing

Decisions: Re-up or Transition

The voyage of a million miles begins with one step and a lot of b!+@hing
The Million-Mile Voyage

At some point, we all have to make decisions that determine the roads we will travel in life depending on where we want our destination to be. For military folks like us, that means deciding to re-up to continue the journey of military retirement or to take the leap to become a civilian again. One of the hardest decisions of my life was deciding to transition from the military. To be completely honest before deciding to take the leap , I chose to re-up twice bring my serving time to a grand total of 12 years, but believe me you will know when you are done.

Knowing when you're done

Everyone has a breaking point and that point looks different for everyone. Over the course of my career, there was a point where I was no longer having fun with the brothers I had grown to love. Waking up everyday was more like a chore instead of a hooah moment if you get my drift. For as long as I could remember as a child, I wanted to be an American Solider and it brought tremendous joy and fulfillment to my life for years. However; once that joy was gone, I knew it was time for a change. That change became "The Leap".

The Leap

The leap is the title that I gave to transitioning from the military because at times I felt like I had just hopped out a C-130 and my parachute didn't open. During my free fall I encountered schools trying to pressure me into giving them my GI Bill benefits and to be perfectly honest, I almost fell prey to that school" that shall remain nameless" that's shut down due to faulty practices. I also found myself being turned down for jobs due to "being over qualified". I fell into a job that despite me being a decorated veteran paid me very little and I didn't have any benefits. The support of my family & friends was one of the things that kept me pushing forward despite the hurdles. I even encountered resistance with obtaining VA benefits, but persistence and dedication is the key to success. I eventually graduated from Ashford with a Bachelors Degree and opened my own trucking company. The moral of the story is keep pushing because success is always within reach. If you find yourself lost or needing assistance, reach out to Veterans Elite Transitions because we understand "The Leap" struggle.

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